Why study Bach Flower Therapy?

Written by Mrs Alka Raghbeer, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who is also on the Bach Centre (UK) International Register of Bach Flower Practitioners. She has been practicing Bach Flower Therapy for over two decades. 

“I have over the years come to accept the Bach Flower Remedies as integral to everyday life. They have helped me strengthen some positive personality traits and overcome the few undesirable ones. They have also helped me overcome negative moods- both passing and lingering. The Bach flower SOS remedy has particularly come in handy more times than I can remember.

Ideally we should of course be emotionally and physically fit and be spiritually connected and in harmony with our inner selves. We should strive to be the best version of ourselves and acquire a positive attitude because our achievements and acquisitions can at best give us transitory happiness if we aren’t comfortable in being who we are.

it’s  reassuring to know that the remedies are always at hand to raise our happiness quotient-when a shoulder to cry on or hand to hold on to, just isn’t enough -and a visit to the counsellor or the psychiatrist isn’t warranted either. Even if we are fortunate enough to find ourselves in a utopian space emotionally, being human, we may on occasion experience feelings that get us down.  What does one do when ones child finds it difficult to concentrate or is extremely shy or even aggressive? Or when worrying thoughts keep one awake at night? Or when one feels hurt or experiences loss of confidence or experiences deep anguish? Some of us bounce back with ease and learn to roll with the punches, while many of us could do with a little help from the Bach flower remedies .

So Its reassuring to know that the right flower remedy can help lift the air of negativity that may envelop us occasionally. The important thing to remember is that theres  a specific remedy for every negative mood and personality trait and that these remedies help people feel good, naturally.”

Bach Centre, UK offers a distance learning programme for learning Bach Flower Therapy, which is an introductory-level correspondence course. This course is available worldwide and can be taken through us, their official agent in India since 2014 – Olive Tree. This alternate medicine system will empower you to heal not just yourself, but also your friends, family and community.

To enrol call/sms/whatsapp – 9717146337 or email: info@olive-tree.in. For more information visit http://www.olive-tree.in/distance-learning-programme-level-1/