The five attributes of emotionally intelligent people

There are some people who manage to stay calm in even the most stressful situations and handle awkward and uncomfortable social situations with grace. They manage to put whoever they meet at ease, and find it easy to form and maintain interpersonal relationships. These are people who possess high emotional intelligence or EQ (emotional quotient).

Emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to understand and manage their emotions, while being aware of the emotions of other people.

Experts say EQ is a bigger determinant of success in work and life than IQ, which measures a person’s ability to know and learn through mental processes of thought and reason. There is no correlation between these 2 types of intelligences.

According to psychologist and best selling author Daniel Goleman emotional intelligence has five critical components. These skills can be learned at any time by working on them.

1) Self awareness –

This is the ability to recognize and understand our emotions and what triggers them. It is also to be aware of the effect of our moods and actions on the emotions of other people.

To become self aware we need to carefully monitor our emotions, recognize different emotional reactions and correctly identify each emotion. We should also learn from our interactions with other people.

People with self awareness exude confidence and have high self esteem. Bach flower remedies like Larch help us with becoming more self aware.

2) Self regulation –

The next step after awareness is being able to regulate and manage our emotions. This doesn’t mean suppressing them and hiding our feelings. It means waiting for the appropriate time, place and way to express our emotions.

Being skilled in self-regulation makes us flexible, adapt well to change and good at managing conflict. People who are good at self regulation take responsibility for their own actions and are thoughtful of how they influence others.

Bach flower remedies like Cherry Plum help us with impulse and temper control, and with better regulation of our emotions.

3) Social skills –

Being able to interact well with others is another important aspect of emotional intelligence. This has a significant impact on all spheres of our life.

Social skills include listening, verbal communication, nonverbal communication skills like tone of voice and body language, leadership, and persuasiveness. Bach flower remedies like Water Violet and Larch help with improving social skills and confidence.

4) Empathy –

Empathy is the ability to understand how other people are feeling. It involves being able to understand the emotional states of others and giving an appropriate response based on this situation. For example if one senses that their friend or colleague is feeling sad or hopeless, she may take extra care and try to lift that person’s spirits.

Empathy is critical to understanding people and connecting with them. It makes us better at handling conflict, and convincing others and motivating them towards a common goal. It also broadens our world view as we are able to observe and appreciate different perspectives and points of view. Bach flower remedies like Beech and Heather helps us develop empathy.

5) Motivation –

People who are emotionally intelligent are motivated beyond external rewards like money and fame, and have a passion to fulfill their inner needs and goals. They are action oriented, and set goals and have a need for achievement. They take initiative and remain committed to their goals. This is critical for a happy and successful life.

Bach flower remedies like Clematis and Wild Rose help us with focus, concentration and motivation.

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