Says the star struck Clematis

“It rains hail – it rains snow
Why not stars- I don’t know
Silver stars – stardust strewn
For extra sprinkles – just tap the moon.
Someone grant me this magical sight
Of velvety black against the shimmery white
Of glitter, glamour and sparkling gems
Clinging to frayed cuffs and tattered hems.
A handsome prince comes riding by
And approaches me, as I wonder why
Then on his knee, he begs my hand
‘Together we shall rule the land!’
The celestial spotlight on me, as I twirl
What would it be like to be a princess girl
I would live in a castle swathed in regality
And be waited upon with genteel servility.
Just a bit smugly I’d wonder, as I’d sit by his side
Why are fanciful musings so disdainfully decried?
Wishes are fulfilled, and dreams realized
And beggars do choose and beggars do ride!”

Says the Clematis Remedy like it is [drop, stock and barrel ]

“Clematis calling Dreamy miss, up on cloud 9
Before the bubble bursts, may I dare opine
Dreaming sure can be a fun exercise
But you got to act to get the prize!
When with a glass shoe a real prince arrives
You got to be down here to try it for size
But life isn’t over with just finding a mate
It’s not ‘the end’; you got to get that straight.
You get married and you party and celebrate
But all said and done, beyond lies fickle fate
So invest in your future with eyes wide open
Don’t just dream girl, go make it happen.
Just be in the now and focus on the present
Realize your dreams, or later you may repent!
Building castles in the air will get you nowhere
Wake up to reality and you’re half way there!
You must have heard of me with all that hype
I’m just what you need because I’m your type
Just pick me up and take two tiny drops
And feel the difference as you come out tops!”

– Written by Alka Raghbeer


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