BFR Client Consultation Diary

The Tabulated Guide on Bach Flower Remedies has been conceptualized by the author, for both practitioners and for beginners embarking on a career in Bach flower therapy, to seamlessly facilitate quick and easy recall of the remedies. It would also help them to validate their choice, or choose from other remedies, in a matter of seconds. The Consultation Diary 2022 has been designed to help maintain immaculate consultation records and to ease the appointment process. Also the list of the remedies alongside each consultation page makes for quick reference during consultation.

Author – Mrs Alka Raghbeer

The author Alka Raghbeer is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. She is also a writer and the licensed agent of the Bach Centre, UK Distance Learning Program. Her previous book ‘The Bach Flower Remedies Crossword Puzzle Book’ was appreciated by practitioners and beginners alike. She is the owner of Olive Tree Healing Centre in New Delhi and is presently associated as a consultant with the ‘Prana Centre for Integrative Medicine’, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.


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