Bach Flower Practitioners

Alumni, Distance Learning Programme, Bach Flower Remedies Level 1, with certification from Bach Centre UK

“Thank you so so much for mentoring me through my DLP Course ! It’s been an amazing journey of truly listening and learning, of healing and being healed, of finding balance and harmony in my life in the beauty of wild flowers. Am so looking forward to more with the Level 2 Course !”

Archana Mehrish

“DLP level 1 is a lively useful medical course. Those who are interested in self learning, can do it very well along with the guidance of mentor Mrs. Alka Raghbeer. Her instant reply, Clear & kind explanations make learning easier. Thank you Mrs. Alka!”

Umadevi Nachivel

“Bach Flower Therapy Distance Learning Programme is a beautifully designed course which gives complete clarity on all 38 remedies and their use.

A great way to know the reasons behind our own dreams and what comes in the way of achieving them and stopping us from living with more ease and fulfillment. A journey into self discovery is what best describes my DLP !

With each assignment that I completed, I got more confident about my knowledge since it kept Dr. Edward Bach principle intact – “ simplicity “

Yes, the papers were very thought provoking and at the end of each I would actually feel relieved but at the same time every single question was formulated in such a way that it would help me clarify my own perception of what I had learnt. The course is definitely one of the best gifts I have received in life !

I feel Dr. Bach has left behind such a treasure for all of us, that we as his students should be able to spread the knowledge as far as we can and fulfill his dream of each household using them to enjoy and live a more fulfilling life!”

Sheetal Gulati

“I had greatly enjoyed and benefited from my association with Mrs. Alka Raghbeer, as my mentor and guide towards excelling further in deeper understanding of bach flower remedies and successful completion of the dlp course.

I am equally excited and thrilled to realise that I was lucky to have been Mrs. Alka Raghbeer’s first dlp student .

Her continued guidance, direction, appreciation and total support enabled me to successfully complete the course with flying colours and hence desire to extend my total support towards her desire to be part of the movement so that more and more individuals could benefit by the Bach wellness programmes.
Any amount of appreciation is too less for the unstinted support, guidance and direction extended by Mrs. Alka Raghbeer, towards my successful completion of the DLP course.”

Mrs. Anuradha Babu