Olive Tree sells a number of useful and interesting books, posters, DVDs and postcards on Bach Flower Therapy for practitioners and enthusiasts..

You can buy them from our online shop by writing in to us, and we will ship them to you. Alternately you can buy them from the shop at the Olive Tree Centre in Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

Books on Bach Flower Therapy

  • 12 healers Author: Dr. Edward Bach

    12 healers by Dr. Edward Bach

  • Collected Writings Author: Dr. Edward Bach

    Collected Writings by Dr. Edward Bach

  • Sold out!
    Form & function hardback Author: Julian Barnard

    Form & function hardback by Julian Barnard

  • Form & function paperback Author: Julian Barnard

    Form & function paperback by Julian Barnard

  • Guide to flower remedies Author: Julian Barnard

    Guide to flower remedies by Julian Barnard

  • System of diagnosis Author: Philip Chancellor

    System of diagnosis by Boris C. Rodriquez

  • Sold out!
    After Bach Author: Julian Barnard

    After Bach by Julian Barnard

  • Sold out!
    Bach flower essences and the patterning of water Author: Julian Barnard

    Bach flower essences and the patterning of water by Julian Barnard

  • Sold out!
    BFR The Essence Within Author: Julian Barnard

    BFR The Essence Within by Julian Barnard

  • Sold out!
    Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies Author: Lynn Macwhinnie

    Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies by Lynn Macwhinnie

  • Sold out!
    Film Scripts Author: Julian Barnard

    Film Scripts by Julian Barnard

  • Sold out!
    Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies Author: Philip Chancellor

    Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies by Philip Chancellor

  • Sold out!
    Hidden geometry of flowers Author: Keith Critchlow

    Hidden geometry of flowers by Keith Critchlow

  • Sold out!
    Medical discoveries Author: Nora Weeks

    Medical discoveries by Nora Weeks


Posters(in tube)

  • english poster

    Bach Flower Remedies



  • DVD 12 healers

    12 Healers

  • DVD 7 healers

    7 Healers

  • Dvd journey healing

    Journey into Healing

  • DVD searching cerato

    Searching for Cerato

  • DVD second 19

    Second 19



  • postcards

    Postcards Set of 40


“I came to you after the detection of breast cancer and before the chemotherapy… I was feeling lost and scared. The Bach Flower medicine you recommended helped me deal with depression, helped me stay positive and fight. Today i have finished the treatment and I feel fine. So thank you alka. You were god sent. God bless you for the great work you do.”

– Ritu Singh

“Bach Flower Essences really work and I recommend them to everyone I know, they are nature’s gift to mankind. Since taking the remedies I have felt a lot calmer and more optimistic about life in general“

– Garima Jain, New Delhi, India

“Dear Alka, My niece, writing her XII boards this time, had been going through anxiety & stress for quite some time….. the family was concerned. Having got introduced to Bach Flower Remedies has been a great help to her. She has been calmer & more in charge of her energies. There is always an apprehension to use methods for fear of side effects….. However, Bach Flowers Therapy being safe & without any undesired side effects has made my niece’s life more smooth sailing over the past months. Thank you.”

– Sumitra Ramji, New Delhi, India