Bach Flower Remedies for Happy and Healthy pets

“The greatest gift that you can give others is to be happy and hopeful yourself, then you draw them up out of their despondency” – EDWARD BACH

Dr Edward Bach discovered that the flowers given to us by nature have the ability to affect our emotions positively. Each flower has different energies and remove our emotional pain and suffering and help in our healing process.

As pet parents, we have at one time or another felt that our pet is not their “usual self” Like humans animals feel the exact same emotions, whether it is anger, fear, jealousy, depression, happiness or joy.

The Bach Flower Remedies are able to help our pets, in situations where they have negative emotions or feel out of balance.These remedies are successfully used for animals who experience trauma, fear of thunder, fireworks, visiting vet or groomer.

RESCUE REMEDY is the most commonly used remedy under these situations. In addition there are 38 Bach Flower Remedies that in combination can create emotional balance and well being.These combinations can help in hyperactivity, jealousy, over protectiveness for their human, low on self confidence, fear of men.These remedies are exceptionally helpful for dogs who have been rescued from abusive and cruel environments .

My own dog Lucy a two year old beagle was rescued from an environment where she was kept tied on a short leash with no love or affection whatsoever, no walks, her food habits are a little abnormal, she prefers spicy food, raw food basically must be fed bits and pieces off the table. She came as an insecure dog not able to settle in her new home in spite of all the attention and love she received. She was relieving herself inside the house at least 10 times day. All her routine tests being clear it was a behavioral issue that had to be tackled. Other than working with a behaviorist for her I started giving her Bach Flower Remedies to be more accepting of her new home and family, retraining her mind for new food habits and to be less anxious.The results have been quite remarkable ,Lucy now accepts the fact that she is here to stay with us, is happy and plays like any other young dog, is mischievous and less anxious.There are still some aspects which can be mellowed down for her, which eventually will.

Combination Remedies means using 6 to 7 remedies together depending on the issue the animal is facing. if the animal is fearful or is low on confidence a combination of Mimulus and Larch can be used, so on and so forth. It is fairly simple to administer these remedies.They can be rubbed on their paws, rubbed on their gums or ear or can be put in their drinking water. One has to be extremely regular with administering the remedy to the animal, as only regular and consistent use can show the results we desire.

It is recommended these remedies are bought through Bach Flower Remedy practitioners who practice with the original remedies .The diluted ones available over the counter are usually much less effective. The original remedies are preserved in brandy and have been safely being used on animals for the last 80 years or so.The Bach Flower Remedies work in harmony with other herbs, homeopathy, and allopathy. It does not interfere or interact with any other modality of treatment.

So go ahead and make your animal happy the way they are meant to be!!!

NOTE: In my article I have mentioned animal to refer to situations, that is because this remedies are safe to be used for dogs, cats, horses etc.

This article has been contributed by Nisha Jaggi, a canine and human Bowen therapist.

Olive Tree Centre offers Bach Flower Remedy consultation by Mrs Alka Raghbeer, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, who is also on the Bach Centre (UK) International Register of Bach Flower Practitioners. She has been practicing Bach Flower Therapy for over two decades and has successfully treated people of all ages with various emotional problems.

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