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We feel a gamut of emotions during the course of the day. Some are pleasant and some not so pleasant. Some emotions are fleeting while others are longer lasting and take the form of moods. Sometimes we allow the mood to become a part of our personality, which then begins to define us. Prolonged negative moods and personality inclinations disrupt the mind-body balance, and are a breeding ground for unhappiness and disease.

This is where Bach Flower Therapy, discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a successful medical practitioner of London, can make a life changing difference. They help deal with negative emotions, and break the cycle of moods and deep rooted emotional issues and personality limitations like being prone to irritability or anger, and lack of confidence. Just a few drops of the diluted Bach Flower essence taken 3-4 times a day helps restore the mind-body equilibrium. This puts you in a balanced and happy state which keeps illness at bay and helps the body heal itself, as experienced by thousands.

Bach flower essences are safe and natural. There is a corresponding Bach flower remedy for every type of mood, emotion and personality type. Taken daily for a few weeks, these remedies leave us with a feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing.

For instance if you feel fear all you need to do is to take a few drops of the fear remedy called ‘Mimulus’. For exam stress, panic attacks, interviews, nightmares, a visit to the dentist, emergencies etc, the ‘5 Flower Remedy/ Rescue Remedy’ can be a boon. ‘Walnut’ is very beneficial during teething, adolescence, menopause etc. You can see the complete list of remedies and read more about Bach Flower Remedies here.

Know your Bach Flower Practitioner – Mrs Alka Raghbeer

Mrs Alka Raghbeer BFRP is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and is also on the Bach Centre (UK) International Register of Bach Flower Practitioners. She has been practicing Bach Flower Therapy for over two decades and has successfully treated people of all ages with various emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, shyness and low self-esteem, and physical problems like acne, bruises, infections and migraine with these remedies.

Bach Flower Consultant – Mrs Deepa Jain

Deepa is a Bach Therapist and helps people heal emotional imbalances to help them regain health and happiness. She had successfully treated problems like insomnia, stage fright, exam nerves and self confidence issues during presentations.

She also organises workshops on Bach Flower Therapy. She recently came up with the idea of inventing a Bach Remedies Spinning wheel, both in Hindi and English, to make it easy for people to decide for themselves what remedy they need.

Frequentely asked questions about Bach Flower Therapy

Combat disease – According to Dr. Bach, disharmony between the personality and the soul is the root cause of all disease. If a person’s short term as well as deep rooted emotional issues are addressed and gently corrected, the body’s harmony is restored, and its natural ability to prevent and overcome illness gets strengthened.

Overcome emotional and personality shortcomings – The 38 flower remedies cover every known emotional state such as depression, worry, fear, anger, despair, anxiety etc. They also help us to overcome personality limitations such as shyness, laziness and lack of self-confidence.

Achieve goals – Each of us is born with a mission, an inner calling. Sometimes our wavering emotions and external influences make it difficult for us to hear our inner voice, and we are unable to align our goals to it with focus and clarity. Bach Flower Remedies help clear the confusion and calm the mind, so it can take the correct decision. For eg the flower remedy ‘Cerato’ helps us to pick the right career option, ‘Wild Oat’ gives us direction when we are clueless about our career path, and ‘Walnut’ protects us from disruptive influences that cause us to stray from our path.

The Bach Flower Practitioner begins by asking the patient a few questions to assess her current requirement, and also her temperament, emotional outlook, mood and personality. She then prepares a bespoke remedy by combining different essences to address the disease or problem of the patient. The consultation includes one month of medicines.

The Bach Flower Essences are safe for everyone including children, pregnant women, pets, elders and even plants.

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“I came to you after the detection of breast cancer and before the chemotherapy… I was feeling lost and scared. The Bach Flower medicine you recommended helped me deal with depression, helped me stay positive and fight. Today i have finished the treatment and I feel fine. So thank you alka. You were god sent. God bless you for the great work you do.”

– Ritu Singh

“Bach Flower Essences really work and I recommend them to everyone I know, they are nature’s gift to mankind. Since taking the remedies I have felt a lot calmer and more optimistic about life in general“

– Garima Jain, New Delhi, India

“My association with Bach Remedies goes back a decade when I had given up on life. With the help of these wonderful remedies i got a second lease of life, so decided to learn more about it and am able to help others live a happy and balanced life, Thanks Dr. Bach thanks Olive tree!”

– Mamta Agrawal, Atlanta, US

“My dog Zoey had Pablo virus . I got him treated but he wasn’t growing and his head had started shaking. Alka made a mix of 5 flower remedy, hornbeam, crab apple (for the virus ) and scleranthus. 3 weeks later his head stopped shaking and he was much better . We continued with the mix for another month.”

– Meghna

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