Adults and Kids

Consultation with Mrs Alka Raghbeer

“My association with Bach Remedies goes back a decade when I had given up on life. With the help of these wonderful remedies i got a second lease of life, so decided to learn more about it and am able to help others live a happy and balanced life, Thanks Dr. Bach thanks Olive tree!”

Mamta Agarwal
Atlanta ,US

“I came to you after the detection of breast cancer and before the chemotherapy… I was feeling lost and scared. The Bach Flower medicine you recommended helped me deal with depression, helped me stay positive and fight. Today i have finished the treatment and I feel fine. So thank you alka. You were god sent. God bless you for the great work you do.”

Ritu Singh

“Bach Flower Essences really work and I recommend them to everyone I know, they are nature’s gift to mankind. Since taking the remedies I have felt a lot calmer and more optimistic about life in general”.

Garima Jain,
New Delhi, India

“Dear Alka, My niece, writing her XII boards this time, had been going through anxiety & stress for quite some time….. the family was concerned. Having got introduced to Bach Flower Remedies has been a great help to her. She has been calmer & more in charge of her energies. There is always an apprehension to use methods for fear of side effects….. However, Bach Flowers Therapy being safe & without any undesired side effects has made my niece’s life more smooth sailing over the past months. Thank you.”

Sumitra Ramji,
New Delhi, India