Olive Tree, our wellness centre in South Delhi, was founded in July 2014. It is a two pronged endeavour to promote wellbeing, through healing with and learning Bach Flower Remedies. As practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine our aim is to enhance wellness by using this natural, subtle and safe method to restore the balance between mind and body.

We offer a distance learning programme accredited by Bach Centre UK, Bach Flower Remedies from Healing Herbs UK, and also Bach books and posters.

The Bach Flower Remedies caste out negative emotions like fear, worry, anger, hatred, self doubt and indecision, sadness, impatience and guilt which interfere with our equilibrium, and bring back peace and happiness so that the body is free to heal itself. They have special healing qualities with no side effects, and after the intake of just a few drops of these remedies you feel that conflict has given way to inner harmony. They are safe for everyone including children, pregnant women, pets and elders.

We also have a Distance Learning Programme for Bach Flower Therapy, in association with, and with certification from Bach Centre UK. This is a home study course where you learn the basics of Bach Flower Therapy at your own pace. Post the course you can heal not just yourself, but also your friends, family and community, and even explore a career in this fulfilling field. In addition, we periodically have short Courses and Workshops at our centre and various other venues..

You can buy Healing Herbs, quality Bach Flower essences, from our online shop. Mrs Alka Raghbeer has created a Crossword Puzzle Book for practitioners and students, to help increase clarity and understanding of Bach Flower Remedies, which is also available on our online store.

Our Motto:

Goodbye stress – hello health and happiness!

Our Aim:To promote health and wellbeing through the holistic practice of Bach Flower Remedies, and to increase awareness and educate and empower more people to heal through courses

Our Founder, Mrs. Alka RaghBeer

Mrs Alka Raghbeer BFRP is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and is also on the Bach Centre (UK) International Register of Bach Flower Practitioners. She has been practicing Bach Flower Therapy for over two decades and has successfully treated people of all ages with various emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, insomnia, shyness and low self-esteem, and physical problems like acne, bruises, infections and migraine with these remedies.

Our Centre

Olive Tree Bach Healing & Learning Centre,
K2 Hauz Khas Enclave, Main Aurobindo Road, New Delhi-110016
Contact: info@olive-tree.in

Timings:Monday to Thursday 11:30am to 2:30pm

Our Services & Products At Olive Tree

Bach Distance Learning Programme Level 1

Learn Bach Flower Therapy with our Distance Learning Programme, with a certification from Bach Centre UK. Apply what you learn to heal not just yourself, but also your friends, family and community.

Bach Courses & Workshops

We conduct short term courses and workshops for introducing people to Bach Flower Therapy, and teach basics of this therapy so that they can use it to heal themselves, help friends and family and also explore it as a career option.

Remedies Wheel

A quick ready reference guide for anyone who is practicing or interested in Bach Flower Remedies. Available in 3 scripts  – Hindi, English and Hinglish. It comes in 2 formats, it can be wall mounted or put on the desk with the help of a stand…

Bach Flower Remedies

You can buy Healing Herbs, quality Bach Flower essences, from our online shop. Also have a look at the Crossword Puzzle Book created by Mrs Alka Raghbeer for….

Crossword Puzzle Book

The idea of writing this book came to Alka primarily from her students, who looked to her for notes or a key on the subject to help dispel niggling doubts about how…

Books, DVDs and Posters

Olive Tree sells a number of useful and interesting books, posters, DVDs and postcards on Bach Flower Therapy for practitioners and enthusiasts.

“My association with Bach Remedies goes back a decade when I had given up on life. With the help of these wonderful remedies i got a second lease of life, so decided to learn more about it and am able to help others live a happy and balanced life, Thanks Dr. Bach thanks Olive tree!”.

– Mamta Agarwal, Atlanta, US
Aumni, Distance Learning Programme,
Bach Flower Remedies Level 1

“I came to you after the detection of breast cancer and before the chemotherapy… I was feeling lost and scared. The Bach Flower medicine you recommended helped me deal with depression, helped me stay positive and fight. Today i have finished the treatment and I feel fine. So thank you Alka. You were god sent. God bless you for the great work you do.”

-Ritu Singh
Bach Consulation
with Mrs Alka Raghbeer