What is DLP ?
DLP or Distance Learning Programme is a Basic Level -1 course of Bach Flower. It is a Home study Course for the convenience of those who wish to learn the subject at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.

How does the DLP course work?
When we receive your application form we send you lesson-1 and the books you ordered, by post.
You fill in the answers and send the completed lesson directly to me, Alka Raghbeer [your mentor for the DLP Course]. I will mark your work and send it back. I will also send you lesson two. When you answer lesson two and send it back to me, you will receive lesson three, and so on until you have finished the course.
There are five lessons in the DLP. When you have completed the last lesson, the Bach Centre will be notified and they will arrange for a Bach Centre-approved Level 1 certificate to be issued to you.

Can I complete the course online?
You can send and receive lessons by email. Just tell us you want this when you book the course. We will send any books you order by post.

What's in the course?
Topics covered include:
• An overview of all the remedies, including the traditional 'rescue' combinations
• How to select remedies
• How to take remedies
• An introduction to helping friends, family and animals
The course involves a series of set tasks. You use the set books plus your own life experiences to find answers and write them down. Your mentor highlights areas where you may have missed something, and responds to any questions you have so as to clear up areas that you are not sure of.

How long does it take to complete?
If you work quickly it is possible to finish the whole course in 3 months.

I've already got some books about the remedies. Do I still need to obtain the two set books?
Yes, you do need to have the two set books even if you already own or have read other books on Bach Flower Therapy.

Is there a pass mark or an exam?
No. Everyone who completes the course receives a certificate of completion. We only assess work in a formal way on the Level 3 practitioner course.

Are the Level 2 and Level 3 courses available as distance learning?
No, and the Bach Centre has no plans to make them available as distance learning courses. The Level 3 practitioner course in particular is an experiential course that requires attendance with a group of other students. However Bach Certified Levels 2 and 3 workshops/courses are now available in India. Once you have completed Level one with us we will notify you about the next level. Or visit www.bachcentre.com for information on Bach Centre certified Levels 2 and 3 workshops/courses in India.

Where can I buy the remedies/kit from? How much do they cost?
The made in India remedies are available at most homeopathy pharmacies. You can buy it abroad from homeopathy pharmacies or supermakets/pharmacies or online.