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It can sometimes be difficult to handle stressful emotions like those listed above. The safe and natural Bach Flower Remedies help us to deal with various negative emotions and moods, thereby keeping illness at bay. They are equally effective for deep rooted emotional issues and personality limitations like extreme shyness and lack of confidence. Just a few drops of these diluted remedies taken daily for a few weeks leave us with a feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing.

If you are going through stress, due to feelings of possessiveness, sadness, anxiety, shyness and jealously etc., then Bach Flower remedy is the answer to your problems. Bach Flower Remedy have special healing qualities with no side effects and after the intake of just a few drops of these flower essences, you feel that conflict has given way to internal harmony. You will find yourself comfortable and relaxed after its usage. The Bach Flower Essences are safe for everyone including children, pregnant women, pets, elders and even plants. It is a subtle means of restoring joy and peace of mind, for troubled, unhappy and unwell individuals.

Dr. Edward Bach, a successful medical practitioner of London, discovered this new method of healing using flower essences in the early 1930s. In this method, the appropriate flower essence is taken in its diluted form, after taking into account the temperament, emotional outlook, mood and personality of an individual. These Bach Flower Essences are a safe and subtle means of restoring joy, peace of mind and health to those who are troubled, unhappy and unwell. Many of us feel a gamut of emotions during the course of the day. Some are pleasant and some not so pleasant. Some emotions are fleeting while others are longer lasting and take the form of moods. We may then feel the need to shake off the unwanted mood, be it fear or worry or jealousy etc. Sometimes we allow the mood to become a part of our personality. For example irritation is a mood many of us have experienced from time to time but some of us find ourselves generally irritable. It then ceases to be just a passing mood and begins to define us. Such a person is referred to as the irritable type. Similarly there can be an angry type a depressed type and so on. There is a corresponding Bach flower remedy for every type of mood and emotion and personality type.

For instance if you feel fear all you need to do is to take a few drops of the fear remedy called ‘Mimulus’. For exam stress, panic attacks, interviews, nightmares, a visit to the dentist, emergencies etc, the ‘Rescue Remedy’ can be a boon. ‘Walnut’ is very beneficial during teething, adolescence, menopause etc. Bach Flower Remedies are equally effective for acute and deep rooted, chronic, unresolved emotional issues as well.
Bach Flower Remedies help us to:

Combat disease- According to Dr. Bach, discord and disharmony between the personality and the Soul is the root cause of disease. If a person’s short term, as well as deep rooted emotional issues are addressed and gently corrected, the body's harmony is restored and its natural ability to prevent and overcome illness gets strengthened.

Overcome emotional issues and personality shortcomings- The 38 flower remedies cover every known emotional state such as depression, worry, fear, anger, despair and anxiety etc. they also help us to overcome personality limitations such as shyness, laziness and lack of self-confidence etc.

Achieve our goals- Each of us is born with a mission, towards which we are divinely guided. An integral part of this mission is to develop our true nature and personality & to evolve spiritually. Bach flower remedies help us to achieve our goals and develop our personality along the way. For eg the flower remedy ‘Cerato’ helps us to pick the right career option, ‘Wild Oat’ gives us direction when we are clueless about our career path, and ‘Walnut’ protects us from disruptive influences that cause us to stray from our path.

Just 4 drops of the flower remedy taken 4 times daily for a few days is usually all it takes to overcome negative moods and emotions.

If your aim is to lead a robust, happy and meaningful life, the innocuous Bach remedies can help you do just that. They have the ability to help turn the seemingly arduous journey of life, into a veritable joyride. All you need to do is reach out to them. Thousands of people world over have evidenced this for over 70 years. The ever popular ‘Rescue Remedy’ is particularly handy for exam time, a visit to the dentist, crisis situations, panic attacks, emergencies etc. The Bach flower remedies are retailed from the shop at the centre. Our team of practitioners with years of experience behind them are available for consultation with prior appointment.

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